What Type Of Food Should I Start Introducing To My Baby?

When I was a new mom, I recall being extremely overwhelmed about what food to introduce to my baby. When my baby was approximately 5 months old, he started showing more interest in food. Wanting to give my sore nipples a break from breastfeeding, I began introducing solids to him. I supplemented this with breast and formula milk.

I have tried everything from apples to avocados and fish to chicken. Here are a few of my favorite food to feed your baby. I hope your baby likes them as much as mine does!feeding squash to baby


I heard that squash is a great source of vitamins A and C. What I do is to blend them until smooth and feed them to my baby on its own. Sometimes I like to spice things up by mixing it with soft, boiled barley or rice. When my baby is cranky, I like to mix in squash with applesauce. It calms him down immediately!


I always turn to fish when I need to feed some sort of meat to my baby. This is because fish is easily available all year round and also a breeze to shred. I will usually shred some fish and mix it in with porridge or barley. My baby loves the savoury taste of fish and I am a happy mama knowing that he is getting his dose of protein and essential fats!


Sometimes when my baby is constipated, I introduce some prunes into his diet. This works like magic and he will be pooping happily the next day! Preparing prunes for your baby is simple. All you have to do is puree them and mix it in with your baby’s favorite cereal.